Sponsoring daily expenses

To cover day to day expenses of our temple/community center, we need donors who will make monthly donations ($50/$100/$500/$1000). Our thanks to the people who have already signed up, and started sending donations. We need more.

Please mail your monthly donations by 10th of each month.

Be a Member

Without you it is not possible to build a temple in New York.
Help us to build the KALI MANDIR.
Let the Divine Dream Come True!
Details of sponsor types, methods and amounts are explained below.



To become a member, pls download this form, fill it out and mail to us.

Board of Trustees $20,000.00 +
Grand Patron $10,000.00 +
Patron $5,000.00 +
Donor $2,000.00 +
Member $1,000.00 +

If you would like to donate and interested in learning more about the various methods of payment, click here.

New York Kali Mandir is a non-profit organization accessible to everybody in general.
For further enquiries and registering with us, send an email with your Name, Address and Phone number to: nykmdevotee@gmail.com.

You can also directly enroll as a devotee by filling up the devotee form with your information.

Sponsoring a Puja

If anyone wants to sponsor any event, please call Temple Priest.

Please call: 1-516-771-KALI.

Join Kali Mandir's email distribution group

To join our email distribution group please send an email with your name to: nykmdevotee@gmail.com.